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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What locations are available for Residential Proxies?

    Renlaer does not support visits to Chinese Mainland for the time being

  • What protocols does renlaer support?

    We support HTTP, HTTPS and scosk5 protocols

  • How to test for free?

    New users can apply for trial after registration. In the process of application submission, provide accurate information such as your company's information and agency purpose, and add our customer service manager to contact, you can get free testing.

  • What is proxy IP?

    A proxy server is an intermediate server between you and the web site you want to visit. When using a proxy server, the Internet traffic you initiate will pass through the proxy server and then reach the target website. The target website will return the results to you through the proxy server. If it's just an intermediary, why visit it first? The proxy server provides different levels of security, functionality and privacy according to your needs. Proxy IP can be used in a variety of scenarios, including anonymous browsing, social media, crawlers, etc.

  • Whether crawling is allowed?

    We allow you to use our services as long as you legally use them and comply with our license agreement. It is up to you to determine whether the way you use the service complies with applicable laws in your country

  • Why is the country displayed in DNS inconsistent with the country of proxy IP?

    This has nothing to do with it and has no impact on the work. The country of DNS resolution depends on the system of the website and has nothing to do with IP. For example, your IP address is in the United States, and you are visiting a U.S. website, but DNS analysis is conducted in Canada or European countries. Why? In this case, the servers of the target website are located in Canada or European countries, so your request depends on the systems of these servers. For example, when you send a request to a US website, some servers in the us do not have time to accept your request, so the request will be sent to servers in other countries. This is perfectly normal, and there is no strange phenomenon. In this way, DNS will not affect your work at all, and it has nothing to do with the quality of IP.

  • Can I use the same account for multiple machines?

    Yes, different machines can use the same account to obtain IP, as long as the balance in the account is sufficient

  • How long can an proxy normally last?

    When you use a proxy from renlaer, the effective time of the proxy can be set to 5-90 minutes

  • Why does Socks5 protocol have a low success rate in accessing web pages?

    When users use Socks5 protocol to access web pages that support IPv6 addresses, and some proxy IPS only support access to web pages with IPv4 addresses, the problem of unable to access web pages will occur; Solution: change to HTTP protocol to access web pages; Or use Socks5 protocol, but specify the IPv4 address of the web page when accessing

  • How proxy authentication works?

    You can access our residential agent through user name and password authentication

  • Which countries can choose?

    Countries: more than 100 countries (including the United States, Canada, Britain, Germany, India, Brazil, Malaysia, India, etc.). Positioning: randomly or select a specific country (you can select a specific country, all your IPS will be allocated from that specific country, and the number of changes between countries is unlimited). Location management: you can change the initial status / country / region of the account from the console.

  • Is residential proxies IP static or dynamic?

    Currently, we do not have static residential IP. Our background can be set to switch the proxy IP according to the time effect. According to our research, it is suitable for most online tasks.

  • Is residential proxies a stable solution?

    They are fairly stable. However, residential IP cannot last forever, which is the main reason for their continuous rotation.

  • Whether the residential proxies is legal?

    Much depends on how you use a residential proxies. There is no unique answer to this question, because before using an agent to engage in any activity, you must ensure that fetching data does not violate any laws.

  • What is the use of a residential proxies?

    Residential proxies are most suitable for use cases such as advertising verification, comment monitoring and tourism information aggregation.

  • How a residential proxies works?

    Residential proxies route Internet traffic through intermediary servers. The server changes the IP address of the connection request. What makes residential proxies great is that they connect to real desktop or mobile devices and use these devices as your connection media.

  • Do you offer packages without traffic?

    No, our pricing model is based on traffic usage. Each GB is based on the minimum monthly usage; The higher the usage, the lower the unit price. You can contact the customer service manager for a free trial to evaluate our solution and determine your expected monthly traffic.

  • Do you offer a monthly package?

    Our pricing plan is monthly; You can change the plan monthly according to the traffic demand.

  • Can I get a refund after purchase?

    We do not issue refunds for digital products once the order is confirmed and the product is sent.We recommend contacting us for assistance if you experience any issues receiving or downloading our products.

  • What customer support do you provide?

    We provide 7*24-hour real-time dialogue support. You can also Contact us. We have been trying to give customers help at the first time, and can guarantee to reply within 4 hours in any case.

  • Is there any installation fee?

    There is usually no installation fee. If your company has customization needs and needs to customize the solution, it may have to pay a certain installation fee, but there is no fixed fee.

  • Can I transfer my unused traffic to next month?

    If you choose to upgrade your plan or renew your subscription, all unused traffic will be carried over to the new subscription cycle. If you choose to downgrade your package, your unused data cannot be transferred to the next month, and all unused data will be invalid.

  • Do you have a dealer package?

    have If you want to become the official agent of Renlaer, please go to Contact our support team. Please note that the dealer price is different from the price on the website.

  • How long can a residential IP be retained?

    Due to the nature of the residential proxies, we cannot know exactly when an IP is available.

  • How many concurrent sessions can I use at the same time?

    We do not limit concurrent sessions, you can use unlimited concurrent sessions.

  • Where can I see my usage?

    After successful registration and payment, you will see the usage statistics of the current payment cycle in the overview of the dashboard.

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