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Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

At Renlaer, we gather data needed for marketing purposes such as user name, location address, email address and contact phone numbers. These details are available to us when you checkout, and we do not disclose such to third parties. We place a premium on the security of your data on our website, and we are guided by industry best practices in installing anti-malware, antivirus, and other anti-phishing technologies.

Product Marketing

Our product marketing is an optional one that you can decline. You are free to unsubscribe from such marketing materials /mailing list at any time. There won't be any marketing material sent to you if you are not willing to see it.

Control of Cookies

When we collect your data through our cookies on your browser, it is to allow us provide premium services to all users. We are able to effectively measure our website traffic with these cookies as the data is needed for our business decisions and affiliate requirements. We can promise that there is no linkage of IP addresses to personal information like names and location addresses. Your data is anonymous in this regard, and does not expose the pages you visit or download to the public. All user data collected and accessed by our staff are based on controlled access and not transmitted to anyone to reveal your identity. Pages with web beacons are part of our website and some of our partners require such to validate our business relationships. When you click on emojis, share buttons or Facebook like status, your data can be accessed by the host of such social media share buttons. On any page where such are present, your data can be accessed by the social media or host of such GIFS or social share gadgets. We however make clear that what is accessed in the circumstances above are not personal data, but browsing preferences and behavioral tracking. The presence of tracking devices on cookies, logs and share buttons makes it possible for users to be served the advertising and promotions that suit them.

Logs and Cookies

At Renlaer, we make use of cookies for statistical purposes, and in line with the best global practices. The cookies on our website are a small text file that gets stored on your browser when you access our website. These cookies help in the customization of our services to suit your needs, and are also helpful for advertising purposes. Our cookies help us keep a track of visits to our website to enable us note the pages you visited, how long your stay was, the pages of interest, etc. Our use of logs enable us know who visited our website, and from which part of the world such visits originate. We are also able to tell who your ISP is, and what you download from Cookies are also helpful on pages that you have entered you personal preferences. In this wise, you do not have to re-enter your preferences each time you visit the page. You are saved the trouble of repeated entries each time when you enable cookies on your browser. We use external tools like Google Analytics for the measurement of our advertising program so that effectiveness can be measured. Your computer data or what is stored on your browser is not collected by us. If you might have access to a browser to block cookies, you will be able to block any cookie that does not meet your personal preference. You are at liberty to refuse to accept any cookie if your browser alert indicates this. Existing cookies can also be deleted or disabled by using your browser tools. However, not accepting some cookies can impair your website access significantly. If you are unable to optimally make use of our website features, you would have to accept our cookies.

Our Information Sharing

While we do share information about our website users, this is restricted to our service providers who render specific operations on our behalf. They do not put these data to personal or commercial use. We are also mandated by the force of law to disclose your data when there is a lawful court order to do so.

Third Party Websites

When you follow a link from our website to a third-party landing page, we do not have any responsibility toward you for that website. You will have to abide by the policies of such third-party websites .It is your responsibility to know what the website offers and what is expected of every user.

Current Privacy Policy Updates

We update our privacy policies from time to time, and we take steps to keep you abreast of the developments by posting notifications on our website. Our commitment to personal data protection is assured always. We recognize that our users have a right to receive a statement on their personal data. In this regard, you are at liberty to place a request for data removal, modification or rectification at any time.

Renlaer makes it easy for everyone to use, mine, and explore the mysteries of data.

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